Tour to Vladimir in English

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 Private guide in Vladimir - the ancient capital of Russia

  This tour includes visiting the most interesting historical places in Vladimir. Vladimir used to be the capital of the medieval Rus’. During our sightseeing tour you will see white stone monuments of the 12th century, which are in the list of the World Heritage (UNESCO)

  • The Golden Gate – the symbol of Vladimir
  • The Assumption Cathedral – this cathedral used to be the main Russian cathedral more than 100 years. Many of the Russian monarchs were crowned there. The Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir was the pattern for the Assumption Cathedral in Moscow.
  • The Cathedral of Saint Demetrius – it is decorated with more than 500 white-stone carved reliefs.
  • We will also walk along the main and the most beautiful street in Vladimir Bolshaya Moskovskaya. We will visit Saint George’s church which was founded by Yuri the I Dolgorukiy.

  The duration of the tour: 2 hours.
  Language: English
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